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Telara Chronicles #4

Telara Chronicles #4

I mostly write for DC Entertainment doing video game to comic book adaptations. Below is a list of some of my projects. You can find the (probably) most up to date list at Comic Vine.

Based on the FPS MMO game created by Derek Smart

Art by Brian Ching
Free issue 0 given away at SDCC 12 and NYCC 12
Free collection of Parts 1 -3 given away at NYCC 13

Free issue 0 and 12 part digital series

Batman tracks a nightmare creature assembled from the bodies of untold other animals

Issues 23 and 24
Art by Sergio Sandoval

Based on the MMO fantasy game from Quest Online

Art by Mateo Guerrero
Free isssue 1 given away at SDCC 11 and NYCC 11

Based on the fantasy MMO role playing game RIFT from Trion Worlds.

Art by Pop Mhan
Free Issue 0 given away at SDCC 10
4 issue mini series
Trade Paperback

Based on the MMO real time strategy game being released by Trion Worlds in 2011

Art by Yvel Guichet
Free Issue 0 given away at SDCC 10
4 issue mini series
Trade Paperback


Resident Evil

Set in the Resident Evil universe. Does not include any of the characters from either the games or the movies, but it does incorporate the world of RE5. So we have the BSAA and lots of T-Virus infected baddies!

Issues 1 and 2 art by Kevin Sharpe. Issues 3 through 6 art by Jheremy Raapack.
6 issue mini series
Trade Paperback

Three part web comic. Each installment is a story set in the world of the Square-Enix RPG Nier, told by one of the three main characters in the game, Grimoire Weiss, Kaine, and Nier himself.

Art by Pop Mhan, Eddie Nuñez, and Carlos D’Anda
Free Promotional 3 Part Web Comic


Aion: Aiva’s Story is about a young girl form the world of Aion that sees her family brutally butchered. As she grows to womanhood, she takes on the role of protector, earning her wings and a chance for revenge.

Art by Neil Googe
Free Promotional 1 Shot

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