Comic Books

Freelance writer for DC Entertainment. The bulk of my work is video game to comic adaptations of everything from Resident Evil to End of Nations.


My short story, “The Hero of the City,” was part of the Gods of Justice superhero anthology book from Cliffhanger Books.

Elvis Sightings, my first novel was published by Carina Press in September 2014. The sequel, Bigfoot Blues in May 2015.


I spent a lot of years at IGN, mainly in management and production, but did a fair amount of writing for the site, including dvd and game reviews.

Ultra Game Players/Next Generation Magazines

Dead. Defunct. Forgotten in the mists of time. Two gaming pubs I worked on, primarily creating interactive CDs for. But also did some writing.


Before it was MacLife, it was MacAddict, the Mac magazine with attitude. And I wrote for it. Here’s a Final Draft VS Screenwriter 2000 review and an Avid Express DV review.


This stuff sucks. Dig in if you dare.

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