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The first website I did was an homage to the beloved toys of my youth. This was in 1997 or so, and even then, most of the good URLs were gone. But I did manage to get this one:


I started this site to create fan pages for all the toys I loved as a kid. Micronauts! SMDM, Buck Rogers, Black Hole, Star Wars, Rom the Space Knight, all that good stuff. It took on some other trappings over the years, but in 2006 I stripped away everything but toys. If you’re of a certain age, you’ll enjoy.


I actually have about a half dozen other sites, but my authorship of them is not generally known. If you knew it was me writing them, it wouldn’t be as funny. Not using real names to prevent Google from figuring things out…So no telling…

Simians Who Use Mice
Improve the performance of your customers ads! This one was done during the height of the .com boom when banner advertising was all the rage. I had a friend who ran a very influential email newsletter of the day for advertisers who threw this in as a top story. Why? Because we all knew click through rates were BS ways to measure online performance for most advertisers. I got nasty calls from some important people in the Advertising world…Well, the CEO of said site did.

Companion or Stew?
Animals serve so many purposes…Most people see this site and think “hater!” Not true. I made it to point out that a dog is no different than a cow. Eat them if you want, but they’re all animals and should be treated with equal regard. And here’s a link to a funny side story.

Help the Zoo
Companion piece to the above. I get tired of Zoo fundraisers…¬†

Stick Whacking Fiesta
I have a kid, so on the one hand, I respect the strides we’ve made over time to improve child safety. On the other hand, when I see kids on their trikes in their own yard covered head to toe in more defensive gear than I wore to football practice (funny story, I hated football) I sometimes scratch my head. So I helped along this site…¬†

I do have four other sites I haven’t put up. Some of them, are, er, a bit controversial. As in, I’m afraid of death threats. I get enough from the above. But rest assured, there are more out there, and more on the way.

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