My most recent video work was executive producing video content for the (then) Turner Broadcasting owned, a games-on-demand service that offered everything from the very “first” video game, Pong, to arcade and console classics like Defender and Sonic, through modern PC titles.

Turner sold GameTap to Metaboli, a French company, and substantially scaled back the amount of content being produced to focus exclusively on the games-on-demand component. Click the GameTap link above, or this one, to read more and see some cool stuff.

For quickie access: GameTap YouTube Channel


In 1997 the Freedom Forum launched The Newseum, a news museum, and I got to make some cool video stuff.


This was my first real film. Wrote, shot, edited the whole thing myself. Did pretty well on the festival circuit. And in a lot of ways, it defined my creative output even to this day, in virtually every medium I’ve explored.


This is a quick list of videos I did as an undergrad or a grad student.

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