The Pumpkin Thing

This year’s addition to the family graveyard is an 8 foot tall Pumpkin Thing. You can see the progress, start to finish, below!

Materials I used:

  • 1″ PVC that I molded with a blow torch to create the spine and “feet”
  • An old plastic skeleton – I used the torso and the arms as a base for the body and arms
  • Monster Mud and Canvas – monster mud is just 2 parts joint compound to 1 part latex paint. Soak the canvas in it, and when it dries, it is light and durable! And reasonably waterproof. I molded it around the base to get the shape I wanted
  • paper clay to give shape and definition to the torso
  • Pool Noodles to give the base more girth
  • Raffia from Michaels for the spindly growth
  • A craft pumpkin as a base for the head
  • Fluorescent paint, including “invisible” blue, for the body, the green strands and eyes, and orange for the head. Applied with an airbrush.

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