Typing Heaven with Qwerkywriter for my MacBook?

I don’t have one of these typewriters, but I WANT ONE!!!

Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Keyboard
Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Keyboard

I’m a huge fan of mechanical keyboards. I love the extended throw of the keys, the solid tactile feedback of the click…yet I’m writing this on Apple’s diametrically opposed zero-throw keyboard on the newish MacBook. The MacBook is, arguably, the perfect writing machine. No fan, super light, amazing battery life, but the keyboard, with it’s almost non-existent throw, completely turned me off for the longest time.

2015_MacBook_keyboard_thumbBut I read article after article about how Apple didn’t capriciously create a shallow keyboard just to make the MacBook thinner – they did actual research and make a case that their MacBook keyboard will actually improve your typing speed. Out of curiosity, I went into an Apple store and did a few typing speed tests on a MacBook Air (my previous writing platform) and the new MacBook. To my surprise, I averaged about 5 words per minute better on the MacBook. I bought it almost immediately.

But I still miss my long throw mechanical keyboard…$349 is a LOT of money for a keyboard, but I’m nonetheless dreaming about the Qwerkywriter and it’s delightful steampunk aesthetic. Maybe for my birthday…

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