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I mention occassionally that I am a diabetic. The same tendency to try out lots of different hardware and software carries over to how I deal with being diabetic. It’s a post for a different time, but I’ve tried a wide range of insulin delivery mechanism, meters, and lancing devices looking for the optimal (for me) combination.

SweetLeaf Sweet DropsOne area that I’ve spent a ton of time sampling is sugar free beverages. I ran across a company called SweetLeaf that makes stevia based sweeteners. Unlike most other stevia products, SweetLeaf doesn’t use erithritol or any other sugar alcohols – which is important to me because I don’t tolerate any sugar alcohol well.

One product in particular I was interested in was their line of Sweetdrops – organic flavored stevia drops – that you can add to club soda. I ordered two of their flavors, cola and vailla cream, to give them a try. To my delight, both flavors were fantastic and neither had the somewhat bitter aftertaste a lot of stevia sweeteners have.

I’ve been using 16 ounce bottles of club soda, which takes about two droppers worth of flavoring. I haven’t figured out how cost efficient SweetDrops are, but it sort of doesn’t matter to me because I have been looking for an organic sugar free flavoring for what seems like forever, so I’m a convert.

If you’re looking for a soda alternative that doesn’t have artificial sweetener, you’d be doing yourself a favor trying SweetDrops.

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