OnLive, CloudLift and Me

OnLiveMost of my blog posts are about my not-day job – writing. But I just started a new gig with cloud gaming company OnLive, who pioneered the idea of playing your games via the cloud back in 2010. I’ve been a fan of the company for a loooooong time, so when the opportunity came up to run product and marketing, I jumped at the chance.

Today, I finally get to reveal the new gig, but more importantly, we’re announcing our new service, CloudLift, which brings the flexibility of cloud gaming to games you already own. Have a copy of Batman: Arkham Origins? Get CloudLift and we sync your cloud saves to our service so you can take your game with you. Log back into Steam to play locally, and we sync that save back to your desktop. It’s awesome tech and something the team here has done incredibly well.

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