MacWorld 2013

20130205-190343.jpgWent to the new MacWorld/iWorld. Virtually the whole exhibit floor was iOS oriented. Lots of cases. Lots of screen covers. And lots of chargers. But there were a few items that caught my eye.

Camara Accessories
Whether you are interested in still or video, there were a ton of camera related items. You’ve probably seen lens adapters before. You can get zoom, telephoto, wide angle and fisheye adapters, which turn your phone into a much more versatile camera. But for the first time I saw more videography related hardware, like a mic on a boom pole, monopods, shotgun mic mounts, even an full ipad field kit with external battery, multi lens attachment case with shotgun mic, and monopod. It was pretty cool.

WTF? Items
The two coolest things were also the most useless things.

The first is a bow accessory. Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a VR now and arrow. Works with quite a few games. And while I wouldn’t say no if someone gave it to me, I would probably ask why?

For those with money to burn, there was a $2000 robo-ipad mount was pretty amazing. Attach your ipad to this Segway like device, and you can remote control t over wifi with a second ipad and send your motorized ipad mount into situations where you can’t or don’t want to go physically. Like into the house to explain to your spouse you just spent $2000 on this thing.

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