My Batman story “Unnatural Selection” available for download!

My new Batman comic is up on Comixology and DC Comics for digital purchase today.

“Unnatural Selection” part 1 of 2! When a noted cryptozoological collector experiences a break-in, he’s shocked to find only one specimen missing. But he’s even more surprised when Batman shows up to investigate!”

The story combines two of my favorite things – Batman and cryptotaxidermy!

The Dark Knight is the one super hero I’ve always wanted to write so this is literally a dream come true for me. The artist I worked with, Sergio Sandoval, is downright amazing. He’s currently working on Arrow and has done a number of videogame adaptations. His interpretation of Batman, the Batmobile and the Bat Cave are just dead on. Below is a panel with Batman and Gordon, just to give you a an idea of how good the art is.

UPDATE: Part 2 now also available on Comixology. Go get Legends of the Dark Knight #23 and #24 right now! Or I’ll send the Joker to your house for a party.

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