Marathon on the iPad

Joyous day!

Bungie’s Marathon, for which I upgraded my Mac to a Quadra 840AV in order to play it back in 1994, has been ported to the iPad by Soli Deo Gloria Productions. The best part about this game? Totally free. Bungie released the source code to the game a while back and Marathon die hard Daniel Blazek undertook the effort to bring this seminal Mac title to the iPad.

I’ve been playing now for hours and have found the touch controls to be super responsive. If you can look past the antiquated graphics, the gameplay in Marathon is truly wonderful. For the time, it was even ground breaking.

If you remember Marathon fondly, this is a great way to play the game again. If you’ve never played, now is your chance to pick up a game that defined Mac gaming for years.

Bungie recently released the source code to the remaining Marathon titles as well. I’m personally hoping to see a Marathon Infinity port, with multiplayer, so I can whip out my flechette gun and flame thrower and toast some bobs.

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