The return of the Commodore 64! Awesome man!

The NEW C64

The memories of my youth are mostly defined by Star Wars figures, Micronauts, Buck Rogers, Battlestar Galactica, Wonder Woman (TV show), Tang, my Atari 2600, the Apple IIe and the Commodore 64.

I’ve already paid homage to the toys of my youth on BugEyedMonster, but as much as I loved my computers, I never really felt compelled to write about them. Until now.

I just read that Commodore USA is relaunching the Commodore 64. The venerable computational device and game machine that I recall so fondly is making a comeback with all new PC hardware capable of running the latest Windows OS. While I am no fan of any Windows OS, this is still soooo cool. I want one for absolutely no reason at all. I’m sure I could come up with some reason to get it, but lets face it, the real reason would be to have a new C64.

I doubt that Commodore USA will be releasing a tape drive like accessory, but that doesn’t make me want this computer any less.

Taking a look at the specs, the new C64 looks pretty awesome. The system is powered by an Intel Atom D525 1.8 GHz chip and an Nvidia ION Graphics Processor drives the video, so it’s not going to be a gaming power house, but it would be great for casual games, emulating some classic Commodore 64 games, or perhaps more importantly, setting it up as a media center.

C64 - Now with HDMI!

Why a media center you ask? Because this box comes with an HDMI port, making it the perfect computer to plug into a TV. Just like the original C64! I can totally see playing some Load Runner on this baby with it hooked up to the plasma. The incongruity of it all is just so delightful.

Pricing is a tiered system. Box only for $250 for the build it yourself crowd. For non-do it yourselfers, a good set up with built in WiFi, 2GB of memory, a 160GB drive and DVD player is $695. Unfortunately, that puts it above the cost of a Mac Mini, my media center box of choice.

Commodore USA does say if you buy the box, you will be mailed a Commodore OS and Games Pack…hmmm.

If I win the lottery or my book gets optioned for a movie or something like that, I can see the new C64 becoming a celebratory gift to myself.

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