Cliffhangers, Zombie Westerns and Fantasy Romps

Working on three separate writing gigs this week.

Just finished a major re-write of the story I did for my short in Cliffhanger Books‘ anthology Gods of Justice. Have I mentioned how much I love the name of that company? There was a TV series back in 1979 called Cliffhangers that I absolutely loved as a kid. It was three different shows in one, and each episode ended on, you guessed it, a cliffhanger. I wasn’t so enthralled with the international conspiracy story Stop Susan Williams, but the Gene Autry Phantom Empire knock off The Secret Empire and The Curse of Dracula had me glued to the TV. I managed to get the series on a bootleg DVD. Looks like crap, but it’s fun re-living the show.

I also got sign off on treatments for two unannounced but in the works comic stories. One I will loosely describe as a zombie western, the other is straight up high fantasy. Will be finishing scripts for both. This week…Yikes.

But it is so much fun to be writing so much.

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