Zombie Elvis

Last night I finished the 4th re-write of my Elvis Sightings novel. Resubmitted it to an interested agent. But now I feel a gaping hole where the re-writing used to be.

Feels a lot like when you save up for some big purchase like a new car or awesome laptop, you buy it, then feel…not much.

So I am turning my attentions to my zombie novel. 1st person or 3rd? I think in 1st.

The interested agent suggested “Writing to Sell” to help me overcome some, er, writing challenges. I have to admit it helped. A lot. At least with Elvis Sightings. One of the premises is he-man character of a story must do something that can not be done. It is a variation on a number of thematic approaches to story, but that particular central problem is pretty primal.

I found that dynamic for ES, but not yet for zombie. It is gnawing at me.

I remain optimistic that zombie will fill the hole left by Elvis.

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