End of Nations Comic

I’ve mostly been posting about the Telara Chronicles comic I’m writing. I’m also working on a dystopian future comic about the collapse of government as we know it based on the game End of Nations. The comic is, appropriately, named End of Nations as well.

Issue 0, being given away at the DC booth at Comic-Con San Diego, has a cover by one of my long time favorite artists, Cully Hamner, and interior pages by one of my favorite new artists, Yvel Guichet.

If you’re not familiar with Yvel’s work, he does this really stunning gray scale art. The gray scale itself is so good I barely want to see it colored, but in the hands of my new favorite colorist, Carrie Strachan over at Wildstorm, the pages are just STUNNING. She managed to create a really evocative look for Yvel’s pages.

Below is the first page of End of Nations Issue #0. It is a summary page that recaps what led to the end of government and the rise of the Order of Nations, the evil empire of the game and comic. Even without copy, I think the page tells a great story.

End of Nations #0 Page 1

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