Writer Ricardo Sanchez

Halfway through the re-write on the Elvis Sightings sequel, Bigfoot Blues. Floyd hunts a “man” even more elusive than Elvis.

Elvis Sightings Mystery

footMy Elvis Sightings sequel has stalled out a bit at 72k words. I blame Christmas cookies. But only three weeks left to finish, and do a re-write, to keep the editor happy. If you’re curious what the book is about, this image is your only clue…

UPDATE: Just crested 78k words and just one chapter left to write!

Star Trek Convention

Went to my first Star Trek con today. After years of SDCC and NYCC, it was kind of disappointing. I fear geek ennui has set in. Didn’t stop me from spending money though. I got an unused ST:TMP happy meal box for $5. I’m so ashamed…


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