Zombie poetry

Insomnia last night resulted in two new limericks for the zombie poetry book.

Why do I think so dirty when I’m tired?

Elvis Sightings Mystery

footMy Elvis Sightings sequel has stalled out a bit at 72k words. I blame Christmas cookies. But only three weeks left to finish, and do a re-write, to keep the editor happy. If you’re curious what the book is about, this image is your only clue…

UPDATE: Just crested 78k words and just one chapter left to write!

Military Simulations at I/ITSEC

I just spent the last several days at a training and simulation conference where companies try to sell (mostly) the military a variety of things to help them train their soldiers. It was the first time I’d ever been to an event like this and, to be honest, I was …

Scrivener and the iPad

Like a lot of writers, Scrivener is my go to app for writing. There simply is no better way to write and manage a long project like a novel. Unlike traditional text editors like Word or Pages, Scrivener is a binder of individual text documents. The way I use it, …