Join me at SVCC in San Jose

If you’re going to be attending Silicon Valley Comic Con April 6th through the 8th, you can find me at Booth #178. I’ll have copies of The A, B, Zeees and A Hero’s Death available, as well as prints from both books. Come by and say hello! Buy a copy …

Avalon, Inc #1 in the Bag

My art partner Alexander Neish and I finished up issue 1 of Avalon Inc. and brought it to Wondercon as a preview issue. Met with a great response! Looking forward to finishing the project and serializing it online before going to print with a graphic novel. Check out the gallery for the first few pages.


Avalon, Inc.

Working on a new urban fantasy graphic novel with new art partner Alexander Neish. The story sees Merlin and the remaining Knights Of The Round Table fighting Morgan and magic in corporate board rooms and office complex battlegrounds.