Make yourself into a Star Trek figure

Star Trek FiguresStar Trek Figures 2A friend of mine just sent me a link to this awesome 3d printing site with a Star Trek section.

Cubify lets you upload a picture of yourself and have your head 3D printed onto a classic Trek figure. You can be Command, Science or Red Shirt, male or female, and any rank.

I went to the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas years ago and had my photo taken and inserted into a picture with the crew. I made the poor lady photoshop the image for a good 30 minutes before I was satisfied with it. But this is SO MUCH BETTER!

Yes, I’ve ordered mine. At $69 it is the most expensive new action figure I’ve ever bought, but it doesn’t get cooler than this.

Have you made your robot yet?

I am enamored with the notion of 3d printing. Basically, you take a 3d model, and using the latest and greatest technology, “print” it out. The tech can be used for practically anything from making furniture to precision instruments to custom made robots.

Yes, robots. In perhaps the most useless application of 3d printing, web site MyRobotNation enables users to build a bot from pre-built pieces and stickers. You can pose it, color it and size it as you see fit. In the end, you get the robot of your dreams, or as close as you can get with the pre-built pieces that are supplied.

I already ordered my death machine…

I AM TOBOR! (It's Robot spelled backwards! He he!)

Buckaroo Banzai Model

Buckaroo Banzai is one of my all time favorite movies right up there with Big Trouble in Little China (the movies share a writer).

To my ongoing dismay, there isn’t a lot of merch associated with BB that a mega fan like myself can glom onto. That hasn’t stopped some other enterprising individuals from making their own. Today I was doing a task completely unrelated to BB when I stumbled across the model below of the Red Lectroid ship. It was so cool I just had to post it.

Matthew L. Johnson of Grand Rapids, Michigan: Red Lectroid "Living Scout Ship" from Buckaroo Banzia

Crazy toy from my past

Stumbled across this awesome old Tente building toy. Was at the San Jose Toy and Comics show. I didn’t even know they made these little kits. Can’t decide whether to open it or not. On the one hand, I really want to build it. On the other, it has made it 33 years without being opened…

Major Toy Blog Updates

My toy blog is seeing a lot of action lately.

I have been clearing off the old hard drive and ran across a bunch of content I had prepped and just never posted. Figured it was about time. I’m also unloading a bunch of toys that I’ve no room for, so I’m snapping some new pics as well.

Most recent update on the toy site includes: