Listening to Electric Six – Fire

Electric Six - Fire

If you like your music with a dose of humor, Detroit’s Electric Six is for you. Part Bloodhound Gang, part Bee Gees, the band offers up hard rocking disco tinged music with patently absurd lyrics.

“Don’t you want ta’ know how the kid’s startin’ fires? It’s my desire! Danger! Danger! High voltage! Fire in the disco! Fire in the Taco Bell!” from the track Danger! High Voltage.

Other stand out tracks have titles like Dance Commander, Nuclear War (On the Dance Floor) and Getting Into the Jam. Fire is definitely their best album, but another disc Flashy has my all time favorite Electric Six track, Formula 409 – a bizarro riff on muscle cars and cleaning supplies.

“You can drive your car to pieces baby! You can clean your kitchen baby!”


The Trust – Savage



France’s best metal export of any decade, let alone the 70’s/80’s, was The Trust. A punk influenced metal band that seemed influenced by Nazareth, AC/DC and Killers era Iron Maiden.

Their best known track on this continent was the song “Prefabricated,” that appeared on the Heavy Metal Motion Picture Soundtrack.

The Trust’s albums were all largely in French, but three albums were released in English, Savage, Repression, and Man’s Trap. All three are genuinely great crunchy metal that somehow still manages to hold up today. The fact that the bulk of their work was complete before Hair Metal changed the music climate probably has a lot to do with that.

Savage doesn’t have a “Prefabricated” quality track on it, but “Crusades,” and “Repression” are both great listens.

Listening to: Mono, Inc.

Just downloaded a bunch of tracks from Mono, Inc., a great German rock band. Two singles, Temple of the Torn, which is AWESOME, and Somberland, also great. Also downloaded the full length album Pain, Love & Poetry. Still getting through it but Planet Shame rocks. 

They’re sort of a cross between Personal Jesus era Depeche Mode and SNOG. Mostly hard rock with some softness thrown in now and then. Lots of power chords. Weird hair cuts and lots of eye liner. Great listening!