Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 went off better than ever before here at Hell House in Redwood City. The new addition, the “Pumpkin Reaper,” was a big hit, and the giant spider and “pit to hell” were popular as well. If you’re a Halloween fan, have a look! Trick or treat!

Gate to Hell Halloween Decorations 

The new addition this year is a gate to hell. Still experimenting with it – purple vs red light, for example. If I were really committed, I’d dig a hole. But the raccoons kinda take care of that for me. 

Halloween Giant Spider

I wanted to build a giant spider as part of this year’s Halloween decorating. Lots of good instructions out there. I started with an example from Stop and Eat the Roses that I liked. Mainly for the legs. I’m following that aspect of their work pretty closely of you want to see …