End of Nations

End of Nations
Cover by Chris Spruce

Economic disaster brought world governments to their knees. Industrialized nations, for the first time, experienced hunger and poverty on a scale not seen outside the most stricken third world countries. The Order of Nations, a new world power, stepped into the chaos and restored order, imposing a tyrannical rule. But they pushed too hard and people everywhere began to openly challenge them. A resistance rose up to fight the Order, but they quickly discover that  the enemy of your enemy is never guaranteed to be your friend.

Follow the story of one resistance fighter as he struggles against the totalitarian regime of the Order of Nations in this graphic novel based on the highly anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy game, End of Nations, from publisher Trion Worlds and developer Petroglyph.

By Ricardo Sanchez and Yvel Guichet
Available at Barnes & NobleAmazon and Comixology

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