Videogame Museum at E3

Yeah, I know E3 is all about the cool new thing I might get to play in December of the game ships on time, but the Videogame Museum stuff is always hands down my favorite thing. The E3 display had a bunch of stuff I’d not seen before, including some very cool T-Shirts. I have always loved the way the box art had to sell a vision for the game that the graphics couldn’t back up. So for your classic gaming nostalgia, a few choice photos.

IGF Games – Dance Dance Dungeon Crawl

Interesting games at the IGF this year. My favorite – whose name I’ve forgotten, I call dance dance dungeon crawl. It’s the dance mechanics of DDR, with a top down dungeon crawl game. As you dance, you move about the dungeon. Really pretty clever.

I’m a sucker for westerns, and there was a neat western retro looking title.

But the oddest of the bunch was some motion tracking granny boudoir fan dance game. Shudder.

TraVR at GDC

Interesting VR tech. They have a quote on the wall calling it “the future of gaming” but I have a hard time believing average gamer wants to put on special shoes and strap a harness around their crotch to play a game.

Line of Defense Tactics Out Now!

Out today: Line Of Defense Tactics for iOS, Mac and Android! It is the game I wrote, based on the comic I wrote, based on the Line Of Defense MMO that Derek Smart created. And it is in “Best New Games” for both iOS and Mac app stores.

The game roughly follows the storyline from Issue 0 of the Line of Defense comic book series. You can get issue 0 for free via Comixology (link above) or for free as a PDF right here.

screen568x568The player controls Crater, Mash, Roach and Thumper, soldiers with Galactic Command, as they infiltrate an Insurgent controlled planet to nab a weapon of planetary destruction. Over the course of the game you get to fly a space ship in real time tactical combat, operate a massive mech-like armored vehicle and order around four bad ass GALCOM killing machines. Lots of good fun!

First 3 levels are free. You like strategy games? Go download! Then read the comic. Or do it the other way around. Either way you get lots of good free space marine fun.

HEX MMO Trading Card Game

Into collectible trading card games? My friends over at Cryptozoic have just launched a Kickstarter for an amazing looking Mac/PC game they want to develop, HEX MMO Trading Card Game by Cryptozoic Entertainment — Kickstarter.


You may know them from the World of Warcraft ccg, or the Penny Arcade game, or perhaps their game based on Big Bang Theory. In other words, they know card games.


I just pledged. Head over and pledge anything, even a buck, if you want to see amazing new ccg style on your computer.


Rediscovering the Joy of Poy Poy

poypoyyx9Back in the PS1 days, there was a ton of innovation as game companies made the switch from sprite based 2d platformers to 3d games like Wipeout or Tomb Raider.

But one of the best unknown gems of the PS1 era was a party game called Poy Poy from Konami. It took advantage of the MultiTap, which allowed you to expand the number of players on the system to four from two. The object of the game was basically to bash your opponents over the head or blast them off the relatively small playing field until you were the last avatar standing. Wicked good fun.

Back in the old Imagine offices, where Next Generation Magazine, Ultra Game Players and IGN were housed, it supplanted Bomberman, the reigning king, as the after work game of choice for quite a while.

Most PS1 games really don’t hold up to the modern era’s astonishingly good graphics. Even social games look better. But Poy Poy has actually managed to remain visually compelling and playable even after all these years.

Sadly, I’m not MultiTaping it with my old friends, but I am rediscovering it with my daughter, which is even better. If you’re into “old school” (god it kills me this game is now old school) Poy Poy is a blast.

Poy Poy by Konami

Poy Poy by Konami

Marathon on the iPad

Joyous day!

Bungie’s Marathon, for which I upgraded my Mac to a Quadra 840AV in order to play it back in 1994, has been ported to the iPad by Soli Deo Gloria Productions. The best part about this game? Totally free. Bungie released the source code to the game a while back and Marathon die hard Daniel Blazek undertook the effort to bring this seminal Mac title to the iPad.

I’ve been playing now for hours and have found the touch controls to be super responsive. If you can look past the antiquated graphics, the gameplay in Marathon is truly wonderful. For the time, it was even ground breaking.

If you remember Marathon fondly, this is a great way to play the game again. If you’ve never played, now is your chance to pick up a game that defined Mac gaming for years.

Bungie recently released the source code to the remaining Marathon titles as well. I’m personally hoping to see a Marathon Infinity port, with multiplayer, so I can whip out my flechette gun and flame thrower and toast some bobs.