A Hero’s Death

The Hero died twenty years ago trying to save a family in a building collapse, but the implications of her death still linger, especially for Laura, a young reporter who’s doing a story on the anniversary of the Hero’s death.

hero's death page 2Laura has managed to track down an old woman named Doris Weller, an eye witness to what happened. But Doris has no interest in remembering that day, let alone talking about it. As Laura coaxes the story out of her, we get to see what actually happened to the Hero, and the devastating effect her death had on Doris and the city.

A Hero’s Death is as much character study as it is a very traditional superhero tale. There’s action, danger and spandex, but the script also explores what happens when a hero fails. Our book doesn’t have a message, but it does have a feel good ending, and we hope when you read the last page and close the book that you’ll have a new perspective on caped heroes.

promo-posterA Hero’s Death is an original 48 page graphic novel, hand painted by legendary artistMark Texeira (Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher) and written by Ricardo Sanchez (Resident Evil, Legends of the Dark Knight, RIFT.)

The book is currently on Kickstarter. It’s reached it’s goal, but there is still time to get in!

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight

Unnatural Selection, issues #23 and #24 of the digital reboot of Legends of the Dark Knight.

When a noted cryptozoological collector experiences a break-in, he’s shocked to find only one specimen missing, The Barghast. But he’s even more surprised when Batman shows up. The investigation takes a turn for the even-more-bizarre when Batman stumbled onto a living creature. Will he solve the mystery before he becomes extinct himself?

Written by Ricardo Sanchez
Art by Sergio Sandoval


Line of Defense

By the end of the 30th century humanity had conquered space travel and spread into the galaxy. It was a dangerous place. In 2993, Galactic Command was formed by the Terrans, Empirians and Vesperons, and charged with maintaining lawfulness amongst the member nations’ territories. But what GALCOM calls order, the Insurgents call oppression. In a surprise strike, the Insurgents overran the planet Lyrius and its decommissioned GALCOM bases. The planets proximity to other GALCOM systems made it an ideal target for the Insurgents to use as a base of operations in their fight against the Terran Military. The Insurgents’ attack caught the GALCOM generals unprepared, but more troubling than the show of force were intelligence reports on a new Insurgent super weapon being tested on Lyrius. It is now 3000AD. The galaxy braces for war and Lyrius has become the first line of defense.

Issue 0 available free on Comixology

Issues 1 – 3 available now on Comixology


Line of Defense 0

Line of Defense 0

Line of Defense 1 - 3

Line of Defense 1 – 3


End of Nations

Economic disaster brought world governments to their knees. Industrialized nations, for the first time, experienced hunger and poverty on a scale not seen outside the most stricken third world countries. The Order of Nations, a new world power, stepped into the chaos and restored order, imposing a tyrannical rule. But they pushed too hard and people everywhere began to openly challenge them. Follow the story of one resistance fighter as he struggles against the totalitarian regime of the Order of Nations in this graphic novel based on the highly anticipated Massively Multiplayer Online Real-Time Strategy game, End of Nations, from publisher Trion Worlds and developer Petroglyph.

All four issues and the collected trade available now at comic retailers.

End of Nations 0 Cover by Cully HamnerEnd of Nations 1End of Nations 2 End of Nations 4

Alganon – Fall of the Ourobani

Fall of the Ourobani tells the story of Bana’serit, a young leader of the Ourobani. Under assault from rival factions, Bana’serit seeks out a mythical weapon in a desperate attempt to secure the safety of her people. This limited edition comic reveals the series of events that lead into the upcoming Alganon expansion pack, Rise of the Ourobani.

The comic is also available as a free download at MyAlganon.com and in the Free Comics area.


RIFT: Telara Chronicles

Based on RIFT, the MMORPG from Trion Worlds, Telara Chronicles is the story of a world being devastated by magical rips in the barrier that keeps it safe from the outer planes. These rifts come without warning, unleashing fantastic and terrifying invasions on a people engaged in a civil war. Telara’s champions have been forced to choose: join the Guardians and fight to restore the faith of a world that once was, or become a Defiant and embrace long-dead technologies to usher in a new age. From one of these competing factions comes Asha Catari, a plane-touched warrior with magical abilities. Follow Asha’s story and discover the war-ravaged world of Telara in this engaging prequel to the game.


Square Enix partnered with DC Comics  to create a  comic series exploring the rich and mysterious backstory of Action-RPG NIER.

The comics  reveal tantalizing clues about key characters from the game, including the title-character Nier; his disease-stricken daughter, Yonah; a conflicted and foul-mouthed fighting companion, Kainé; and, the talking book with an attitude, Grimoire Weiss. The also address questions that have yet to be answered, namely, what sequence of events led to the fall of humanity? How was the deadly disease, The Black Scrawl, introduced to the earth? And, where did the terrifying Shades come from and why do they torment the few remaining survivors?


The comics are being created by some of DC Comics’ most renowned creators and illustrators, including Emmy-winning creator and executive producer Ricardo Sanchez; Pop Mhan, whose work has appeared on everything from Spider-Man and Ghost Rider at Marvel Comics to Batgirl and The Flash at DC Comics; Eddie Nuñez, who works on the soon-to-be released DC Universe MMO; and, Carlos D’Anda, who has worked on notable comic book titles such as Justice League of America, Deathblow, and Lego’s Bionice, was the lead Character Designer on the bestselling Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Arkham Asylum and is the Lead concept Artist on the DC Universe MMO from Sony Online Entertainment.