First Stretch Goal for Guardian Kickstarter

The “GUARDIAN” Kickstarter crossed the 200% funding mark over the weekend, so it’s time to reveal the first stretch goal – “Santa Muerte,” a new, 10 page digital comic. “Santa Muerte” is a haunted western, and introduces Roy Long, the Hanging Judge, doomed to walk the Earth until he frees an …

GUARDIAN – My new, $1 Kickstarter is live!

Welcome to the retro futuristic world of my latest Kickstarter project, “GUARDIAN,” a 10 page comic written by me, and illustrated by the amazing Chris Anderson. It’s a short, so I can’t tell you too much about the story, but imagine the Department of Defense launched Alexa in 1969 and …

Avalon, Inc #1 in the Bag

My art partner Alexander Neish and I finished up issue 1 of Avalon Inc. and brought it to Wondercon as a preview issue. Met with a great response! Looking forward to finishing the project and serializing it online before going to print with a graphic novel. Check out the gallery for the first few pages.


Avalon, Inc.

Working on a new urban fantasy graphic novel with new art partner Alexander Neish. The story sees Merlin and the remaining Knights Of The Round Table fighting Morgan and magic in corporate board rooms and office complex battlegrounds.

Shifty Look Dig Dug

I was cleaning off my hard drive and ran across a project a did a few years ago, a web comic based on Namco’s Dig Dug video game for their IP farm, Shifty Look. It’s not around any more, but Shifty Look was a web comic platform devoted to developing …