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Free Webtoons comic Murder at Union Manor
Murder at Union Manor

If you’re into Webtoons comics, I’ve started posting some of my short comics in an anthology called Divide by Zero. Each story is 10 to 20 pages long, and span a number of genres from sci-fi to mystery and horror.

The first story, Murder at Union Manor, is a sci-fi locked room murder mystery, that asks how a man was murdered when he was surrounded by technology that should have prevented that very act. Murder at Union Manor is available now on Webtoons.

The second story, releasing the last Thursday in July, is GUARDIAN. It looks at life 30 years after an A.I. has taken over the world, and how that impacted one person’s life in particular – the woman who created it.

All the stories on Webtoons are free to read, so if you like a good sci-fi or horror yarn, take a look!

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