First Stretch Goal for Guardian Kickstarter

The “GUARDIAN” Kickstarter crossed the 200% funding mark over the weekend, so it’s time to reveal the first stretch goal –¬†“Santa Muerte,” a new, 10 page digital comic. “Santa Muerte” is a haunted western, and introduces Roy Long, the Hanging Judge, doomed to walk the Earth until he frees an innocent soul from the noose!

Often when a Kickstarter adds content, there is a higher, minimum backer threshold to get it. I wanted everyone to get the stretch goal, though, even if they were only backing me for $1. So I decided that rather than ask for more money, I’d ask for support instead. Everyone will get “Santa Muerte” if “GUARDIAN” hits 120 backers, no matter how much we raise!

We are at backer number 21 as I write this, so it is definitely a stretch to hit 120, but I’m still getting the word out myself, and if each of you recommend the project to a friend or two, I think we’ll get there! I’ll write more about “Santa Muerte” soon, but here’s the “cover,” as a teaser!

You can check out the Kickstarter for GUARDIAN here!

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