Gerry Anderson’s UFO Series

Gerry Anderson's UFO
Say Gerry Anderson and most sci-fi fans think Space 1999 or Thunderbirds. I’ve been re-watching UFO, a series he did set in the distant future of 1980, where the world is beset by attacking UFOs. It’s his first live action series and a fun show with really good special effects and models. It’s also surprisingly grim for something made in 1970! The aliens aren’t engaged in full on invasion, but the Earth isn’t doing well against them and their spinning ships, despite having a moon base, missile equipped interceptors, as well as bases on the ground and submarines in the oceans. If you’re a gamer, it’s almost like a series based on X-Com. The episodes themselves include adultery, drugs, violence and quite a few deaths. And lots of skin. The show is fairly egalitarian, with women playing a variety of senior roles in the show’s secret organization, but at the same time, the women are put in mini-skirts and often treated like eye candy. If you’re a sci-fi fan the show is a definite treat despite the latent sexism. The costumes alone are worth the watch.

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