[REC] Zombie Movies

I’ve watched the Spanish [REC] zombie films as they’ve come out and, quite honestly, struggled a bit with the style. I’ve never liked the handheld camera approach – not in Blair Witch, not in Super 8, and not in [REC]. I understand why film makers do it, I just don’t like it.   

 I started watching [REC] 4 expecting more of the same, even though the third film was mostly traditional camera work. To my delight, it completely abandoned the gimmick and turned out to be a really fun and original zombie flick. Much better than the RT or Metacritic scores would suggest.

If you’ve never watched the [REC] series, it’s a fairly standard zombie series with flashes of occasional brilliance. Think Resident Evil, except things mostly make sense. The 4th movie takes place entirely on a ship and makes great use of the location. It’s gory, funny, and well done.

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