San Diego ComicCon Vadermobile

Darth Vader HotwheelsI love cars. Especially Corvettes. And as a guy who came of age during the original trilogy, I think Darth Vader is bad ass.

So this new Vadermobile being shown at San Diego ComicCon caught my eye. It’s built on a C5 era Corvette (the new ones are C7, Miami Vice ones were C4s, and the classic Stingray was a C3, for reference) with lightsaber red accents. Hot Wheels claims the machine will go 80, so no sending it back in time. If you happen to be at SDCC, you can pick up a special collectors edition lightsaber handle with a Matchbox sized car inside.Vadermobile

I’d rather have the real thing, though, so maybe I’ll just have to find a way to turn my ’75 C3 into a Vader machine.


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