A Hero’s Death

The Hero died twenty years ago trying to save a family in a building collapse, but the implications of her death still linger, especially for Laura, a young reporter who’s doing a story on the anniversary of the Hero’s death.

hero's death page 2Laura has managed to track down an old woman named Doris Weller, an eye witness to what happened. But Doris has no interest in remembering that day, let alone talking about it. As Laura coaxes the story out of her, we get to see what actually happened to the Hero, and the devastating effect her death had on Doris and the city.

A Hero’s Death is as much character study as it is a very traditional superhero tale. There’s action, danger and spandex, but the script also explores what happens when a hero fails. Our book doesn’t have a message, but it does have a feel good ending, and we hope when you read the last page and close the book that you’ll have a new perspective on caped heroes.

promo-posterA Hero’s Death is an original 48 page graphic novel, hand painted by legendary artistMark Texeira (Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Punisher) and written by Ricardo Sanchez (Resident Evil, Legends of the Dark Knight, RIFT.)

The book is currently on Kickstarter. It’s reached it’s goal, but there is still time to get in!

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