Knights of Pen and Paper

Knights of pen and paperI played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons between the ages of 9 and 13. Entire weekends were devoted to dungeon crawling and monster slaying. I painted miniatures. I subscribed to Dragon magazine. The fact that I lived overseas and there wasn’t much else to do may have has something to do with my interest. But the truth is I just plain enjoyed it.

I eventually outgrew joining a party and going adventuring, but I never outgrew my love of fantasy and adventure and still fondly recall playing D&D. Except for that one DM who gave my favorite Elf ranger lycanthropy even though they are immune.

Knights of pen and paper characterAlthough I have played a lot of RPGs since then, none has quite captured the flavor of a weekend of dungeon crawling like Knights of Pen and Paper. It is a pretty basic rpg. You get quests. You slay evil doers. You get treasure and xp. What makes not so wicked fun though is the game plays out like you are sitting down with a DM and a group of players. Your “characters” are players who are playing a character class like cleric or warrior. There is even a DM making comments and rolling dice. As you travel between locations, the background swipes away and brings in a new one, but the game table, the DM and your players remain.

Knights is a fairly simple game with 8-bit style graphics that shouldn’t be as much fun as it is, but if you ever spent hours playing through a module, you will appreciate the simplicity and love that went into recreating that feeling. Definitely worth getting.

For iPhone and iPad.

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