San Diego Comic-con 2012

SDCC turned out to be great this year. My latest comic, Line of Defense, based on the upcoming mmo fps by Derek Smart and his company, 3000AD, was being given away as a promotional item at the DC booth. The cover, by Puppeteer Lee is nothing short of stunning.


On the toy front, the good people at Super7 announced the arrival of Alien toys based on the original sculpts that were never released in ’79. they even managed to track down the lady who did the original package design. Look for more to come on the subject over on BugEyedMonster. Jump there now for a quick list of pics. I also picked up the latest Outer Space Men exclusive.

If you are a Bettie Page fan, like me, you may be interested in “Bettie Page in Danger,” a publication that uses Page photos to tell a damsel in distress tale. Goes right along with all those bondage shots she did.

And on the cute side, the SDCC exclusive Ugly Doll was walking the floor and asked to take a picture with me. I obliged.

Below you’ll find a few of my photos from the show.

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