Line of Defense Comic

My good friend Derek Smart recently posted about a Line of Defense comic being done at DC Entertainment to support the launch of his MMO FPS game coming out this summer. I just finished working on the script a few weeks ago and the artists that we lined up for the comic are already producing some amazing results.

The cover is being handled by a relative newcomer to comics, an artist from the Philippines named Puppeteer Lee. He’s a digital painter with a great sci fi, techy style. My first thought looking at his stuff is that it looks like some of the best work coming out of vintage Heavy Metal Magazine. It is very European in style, and it reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Argentinean born Juan Gimenez, who now lives outside of Barcelona. I’m lucky enough to have one of his pieces hanging in my mancave.

Panels are being done by Brian Ching, who’s done a number of books including Knights of the Old Republic, Gears of War and Arkham Unhinged. Here’s his DeviantArt page. The dude really knows how to draw tech and has taken the script I wrote, which is lots of combat, lots of gadgets and lots of sci-fi vehicles, and made it gorgeous. His ability to take the source material and make it come alive on the page is just amazing. I recently saw the first six completed pages and was just planed stunned.

I can’t post any pics yet of what’s being worked on by these two guys, but WOW is the word I keep saying when I see the work. Looking forward to having the cover and sample pages revealed as the book gets closer.

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