San Diego ComicCon 2011

SDCC From the DC Comics Green Room

Another year, another great ComicCon.

I’m always a little depressed when I leave San Diego. I have a bunch of friends I only get to see once a year – at SDCC. Most of whom are working a lot more than me at the show so I don’t get to see as much of them as I’d like.

For me, SDCC is part vacation, part marathon, part work. But all fun.

This year I was promoting the comic book I wrote based on Alganon, the free-to-play mmo game and Gods of Justice, the anthology of original super hero fiction to which I contributed a story. I was also there to suck up to comic book editors to try and score some more writing work! Still, I got to hand out with a bunch of people I affectionately call “con buddies.” Many of whom I met at SDCC.

There’s always tons to see and do, but below are some highlights.

Doing signings for the Alganon comic

Doing signings is always fun. Especially when I am giving away free comics. This is me at the DC Booth supporting the comic. It seemed to get a pretty good receptions. I love that this is a picture of somebody taking my picture…

Another Dalek

Daleks seem to follow me wherever I go. This wasn’t the best Dalek I’ve ever seen, but I respect the effort. Especially trying to get something that ginormous into SDCC.

Gods of Justice at SDCC

Gods of Justice is the other project I was pimping. This is me at my good friend Joel Gomez’ table promoting the book. He actually did the picture that accompanies my story.

My favorite costume...

There are always TONS of great costumes at SDCC. Last year I got a picture with a full line up of Leias…But this year, my favorite is this absolutely perfect Tinker Bell. The woman in the picture is probably just 5 feet tall and so petite. Mostly. Ahem. Anyway, she is exactly the way I like to think Tink.

Jedi Elvis

No trip to San Diego is complete without a stop at the House of Blues. To my delight, the house band the evening I was there was none other than Jedi Elvis and the Rebel Alliance. He’s a Star Wars themed Elvis impersonator who is absolutely brilliant. He changes the lyrics of Elvis songs to match up with Star Wars lore. My favorite? Suspicious Minds, his tribute to General Akbar…

We’re caught in a trap
There’s no flying out
Because they built a second Death Star baaaaaby!

I like all things derivative of Elvis generally, but this may well be my favorite.

The Outer Space Men

Then there are all the toys! Man I love toys. Don’t believe me? Look here. Anyway, some of my favorite toys are the old Colorform Outer Space Men. In particular, Orbitron, who is the unofficial mascot of my toy site. These are repros. I don’t usually buy repros, but I may have to get these.

Dr. Grordbort's Guns

If you have a thing for steam punk or retro ray guns (and I do) then Dr. Grordbort is the hands down go to place for your fix. They always have some great stuff to show at SDCC and this year was no exception. If I were rich (which I’m not) I would have a wall of these bad boys…


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