Gods of Justice Available Now

Cliffhanger Books sent me my author’s PDF of Gods of Justice a week or so ago and I just finished reading all the other great stories in the book. The editors managed to put together a really surprising mix of stories from traditional super hero yarns to some pretty creative takes on the genre.

Super hero western “The Dodge” really stood out for me as a great story, but there are some other gems too. The stories do a great job of taking the genre in directions you don’t often see in comic books.

The book comes out in July, but it is available today on Smashwords if you like your books digital. If you like men in tights with super powers, totally worth checking out.

The Mass Grave of John Johnsons by Micah Urban
The unearthing of several bodies prompts a doctor to summon a “super” forensics team. But he questions his decision when he realizes they may be stranger than the mystery they’re investigating.

Daughter of Nyx by Kelly Wisdom
In a dystopian future, Veronica must hide her unique ability from a regime that hates those who are different. Then she is attacked and must make a choice–remain in hiding or rise up and fight.

Going My Own Way by Dayton Ward
Though endowed with a unique power, young Daniel chooses not to follow in the footsteps of his famous superhero father. That is a decision that may ultimately cost him his life.

Identity Crisis by Lisa Gail Green
After the superhero, SolarFlare, is injured, her twin sister, Leslie, takes her place. Leslie soon discovers that it will take more than just a flashy costume to save the city from a mad man.

Blunt Force Trauma by Kevin Hosey
When his ex-partner’s daughter is murdered, retired superhero, PsyKore, goes after her slayer with a vengeance. What he ultimately discovers is even more devastating than the murder itself.

Neutral Ground by Jordan Taylor
During World War I, a British corporal hears rumors of a mysterious man saving wounded soldiers on the battlefield. He vows to uncover who or what is out there, even at the risk of his own life.

Breaking The Circle by Derek Tyler Attico
When the hero, Vitruvian, vanishes in a massive explosion, his wife, Kendra, resolves to discover his fate. Yet her search leads her through nightmarish deceit to the very edge of her own sanity.

The Dodge by K. Stoddard Hayes
Sheriff Wilder owes his fearless reputation to a secret ability to phase through bullets. But when his rash younger brother follows him into a deadly standoff, Wilder’s secret may get them both killed.

The Justice Blues by Carla Lee Suson
As the wife of a beloved superhero, Angelica seems to have the perfect life. Then she learns of an evil secret that threatens her marriage–and her life.

Death and Life of The Hero by Ricardo Sanchez
Decades ago, The Hero gave his life while protecting The City. Now reporter Laura Halsey thinks she’s discovered what really happened. But revealing the truth may cause more harm than good.

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