BarBots of Wondercon 2011

Wondercon this year had all the usual stuff. Transvestite Wonder Women. Lots of Batmen. A Red Hood. An more anime girls than you can shake a chopstick at.

I did find some neat hand made toys, Flakey Friends being my favorite. The woman who makes them is really named Flake, hence Flakey Friends. The mummy below was my favorite.

Flakey Friends Mummy

Also found these neat literary toys. Behold “Li’l Edgar” as in Allen Poe from Accoutrements.

Accoutrements Li'l Edgar

Edgar comes with a pithy summary of his life on the back and a mini comic.

My fave thing was BarBots. Robots that mix and serve cocktails. Seriously.

The iLush 2 made me a cosmo

Drink Making Unit was my fave with user selectable mixology including vodka and redbull.

Rocket Drink Bot made me a manhattan.

Free ranging bartender.

Tiki Daleck oversaw the destruction of our brain cells.

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  1. I believe you mean to say that Tiki Dalek oversaw the EXTERMINATION of your brain cells!

    Thanks for sharing these. All the bar-bots are great, and when I got to the Dalek I almost fell out of my chair laughing. He shall be added to my collection.

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