Short Story Writing

I am always happier when I am writing. Even if it is only a few hundred words at a time.

I have been working on my second novel. Been stuck at the 50k-ish point for a which and needed a break from brains and zombie hunters when I saw a call for submissions by Cliffhanger Books looking for super hero stories.

I’d planned to work on it over Xmas and New Year’s week but work interfered. I didn’t have as much time for edits as I wanted, but I still managed to pound out something. One of the themes in super hero stories I have always been interested in is “how do they handle their failures?”

The story I ended up submitting, The Hero of The City, is about exactly that, and how someone who still believes in heroes responds to that failure. Sounds more profound than it is. While I doubt it will end up in the anthology I wrote it for, it was fun to write. A New Year’s gift to myself. And I think the idea might make a good comic book one shot I can work on with one of my artist pals.

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