Telara Chronicles #1 Cover

Cover art by Drew Johnson. On shelves the end of this month!

Solicit Copy: THE TELARA CHRONICLES, based on the highly anticipated MMORPG from Trion Worlds, is the story of a world being devastated by magical tears in the veil keeping it safe from the outer planes. These rifts come without warning, unleashing fantastic and terrifying invasions on a people already engaged in civil war. Telara’s champions have been forced to choose: join the Guardians and fight to restore the faith of a world that once was – or become a Defiant and embrace long-dead technologies to usher in a new age. From one of these competing factions comes Asha Catari, a plane-touched warrior with magical abilities. Follow Asha’s story and discover the war-ravaged world of Telara in this 4-issue miniseries prequel to the game.

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