Telara Chronicles

Telara Chronicles

Hasn’t picked up much press yet, but my new comic series, Telara Chronicles from Trion Worlds and Wildstorm Productions is going to be hitting shelves this September. The game is based on the fantasy MMO game Rift: Planes of Telara.

The summary, from the solicit:

Telara Chronicles is the story of a world being devastated by magical tears in the veil keeping it safe from the outer planes. These rifts come without warning, unleashing fantastic and terrifying invasions on a people already engaged in civil war. Telara’s champions have been forced to choose: join the Guardians and fight to restore the faith of a world that once was – or become a Defiant and embrace long-dead technologies to usher in a new age. From one of these competing factions comes Asha Catari, a plane-touched warrior with magical abilities. Follow Asha’s story and discover the war-ravaged world of Telara in this 4-issue miniseries prequel to the game.

Pop Mhan, who worked on one of the Nier comic segments with me, is the artist. So far the book is looking really amazing.

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