Joel Gomez on Telara Chronicles

H.E.R.O. Poster

Overlooked in the release yesterday about Telara Chronicles is the fact that my good friend and super great artist Joel Gomez is going to be penciling the back up stories in Telara Chronicles.

Joel previously did some poster art for me when I worked at GameTap, and worked on the Wildstorm animated episode of ReVisioned: Tomb Raider “A Complicated Woman.”

The thumbnail to the left is the poster image for our episode of ReVisioned: Activision 2600 based on the game H.E.R.O. I think Joel captured the 80’s qualities of the game really well.

His style is very different from Pop’s, so it will be interesting to see how his take on the characters and unique environmental elements from the games compares.

One of my favorite pieces of Joel's work, from Gears of War.

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