From the classic Italian horror film, Zombie
From the classic Italian horror film, Zombie

I know I said I was working on a sequel to Elvis Sightings. And I am. But I got distracted by the wonderful world of zombies.

A friend of mine told me about a couple of publishers looking for zombie material so I turned my attention to where I knew I would find fertile ground. Besides, I’ve done zombies once with Resident Evil, I figured I had the zombie patois down. Ngggggg Unnggggggg Guuuuhhhhh. You know.

So I’ve been working on two premises for zombie based stories. One follows a fairly traditional zombiepocalypse scenario, but I think I found an interesting twist on it.

The second, which is the one I really, really like, well, I’m not going to tell you. I think its such a good idea I don’t want you to steal it. Sorry.

As a byproduct of working on these zombie pitches, yet another friend of mine turned me on to Cliffhanger Books and a new short story anthology they’re working on called Paramourtal. A supernatural romance collection that is a play on Paramour and Mortal. I think the title is clever. In fact, I thought it was so clever I immediately turned my attention to crafting a zombie romance to submit.

Why should vampires get all the love?

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