There are a lot of action games on the iPhone, but not all of them are great. On a whim, I downloaded Alive4Ever because I love killing zombies. I really, really do. If you played iDracula, the game will immediately feel very similar. It is a top down shooter with movement controlled by your left thumb, shots with your right.

Alive 4 Ever

What sets this game apart is that it isn’t just a shooter. Alive4Ever incorporates a number of RPG qualities, like experience to level up your character. You can also collect equipment to change your character’s stats. But the thing that really makes it better than the average top down blast fest is the missions. Some are straight up kill the zombie affairs, where others require you to retrieve survivors, vaccine, gold, or a combination of the above. The catch is that when you’re retrieving something, you can’t use your more powerful rifle, you have to switch to your handgun. It does add to the challenge.

As you make your way through the levels, you accumulate cash that can be used to buy better weapons, from shotguns, to assault rifles to pistols. Having a variety of weapons to choose from going into different missions makes the game feel deeper.

I’m a big fan of this little gem. If you like action, pick it up.

Note: I don’t give ratings. I only write about products that I think you should get, or that you should avoid.

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