Wolfenstein RPG


I’ve always been a fan of Id Software. I went out and bought Orcs and Elves the day it came out for DS and played the hell out of it. I fired up my iPhone the other day and found their follow up title (in spirit,) Wolfenstein RPG, available in the App Store.

The game is a turn based RPG like the old style D&D games you might have played on your PC or IIe. You move one tile at a time and take turns fighting and executing actions. The graphics are a lot better though, and the game is in your pocket, both plusses over Eye of the Beholder.

The game is a lot like the classic 3D game that was also recently released on iPhone in that you are fighting Nazis in a castle, you have guns, chicken to eat, and prisoners to rescue, so if you’ve ever played a Wolf game, you’ll immediately know what to expect.

I’m really enjoying the game so far, and it drains the battery a lot less quickly than Doom Resurrection does. If this seems up your alley, I highly recommend it.

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