Elvis Sightings Second Draft

Just finished the second draft of my novel! Here’s the pitch…

Floyd is a Lifestyle Elvis. And a Lifestyle Elvis is not an Impersonator. Floyd lives his life the way he thinks Elvis would have wanted him to – which to Floyd means wearing sequined jump suits and a career as a private detective. He’s just rolled into Kresge, Wyoming, where his patron believes Elvis is alive and well and living under the pseudonym Jon Burrows. Floyd barely has time for drink before he’s beaten up by a midget, roped into a search for a playboy town councilman, falls for the town’s bearded lady sheriff, and immersed in a Cold War era Soviet conspiracy to fake the deaths of American celebrities in an attempt to destabilize the proletariate.

But there’s no sign of Burrows or the missing councilman. If Floyd can survive a Viking re-enactment, avoid the billy clubs of mysterious government agents, and prevent the town from being turned into a Dutch themed amusement park, he might just get the bearded girl, save the day, and find Elvis.

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