Did I say 77 ‘Vette?

image651437089.jpgShould have said ’75. For reasons unique to California’s highly legislated world view, cars made after 1975 must have their original emissions hardware. There are a lot of reasons why that is stupid, but ignoring the idiocy for a moment, my ’77 isn’t equipped with the proper hardware.


So I am now getting a ’75 Vette!

This particular car is silver with an ox blood red interior. Very ’70s. The last owner spent 10 years and $20k restoring it, but when it arrived the interior was a wreck. So now my car is sitting in a shop being put back together. Ack.

I still hope to one day actually be able to drive a corvette I’ve paid for, but I has been 3 weeks since the latest one arrives and it still isn’t in my drive way.

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