Resident Evil Comic

A friend just emailed me that the teaser for Issue 3 of the Resident Evil comic book I’m writing is online in the Wildstorm area of DC Comics! I must admit to being tickled. Here’s the copy from the teaser, the cover image, and some other cover images from the site!

re3_180x270Written by Ricardo Sanchez; Art and cover by Kevin Sharpe and Jim Clark

Veteran gaming industry writer Ricardo Sanchez and artist Kevin Sharpe bring the bio-weapons of the terrifying world of Capcom’s best-selling game Resident Evil to the boiling jungles of South America. Follow two agents as they unravel the connections between the destruction of a Space Station, a telepathic G-Virus discovered in Grezbekistan, and the shadowy munitions firm known as Geisel Industries.

Empty villages, flesh-eating zombie children, and a trip to a reclusive CEO’s fortified compound bring them closer to the truth. But none of the terrors they’ve encountered so far could have prepared them for what happens next!¬†


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