TNT’s Legends

I really, really wanted to like Legends. Even made it all the way through season one. I guess I was hoping it wouldn’t be as obvious as it seemed because Sean Bean is so much fun to watch. But…it was. And the season wrapped up with a predictable “twist.” Do yourself a favor and watch old Mission Impossible episodes instead.

WordPress <> Facebook Page Cross Posting with PolarFox

PolarFox My blog is a hybrid communication platform and archive. My tweets get auto posted here, for example. Longer form stuff, PDFs, video files, they’re all here too. But some mid-length content, like a quick review of a show or movie, I would like to post to both my Facebook page and here without having to copy and paste. There are a number of apps that can do that kind of thing, but one I recently downloaded and really like is an app called PolarFox.

My main requirement was the ability to send an image and text to both my FB author page and this blog. Of course one distinction between the two is that a FB page has body copy, but no headline the way a blog post would. PolarFox does exactly that. The headline is optional, but whatever you type into the app goes straight to both systems.

PolarFoxThe interface is increadibly simple. You select a source for the image – camera, camera roll, the latest image in your camera roll, or the image on your clipboard – add some copy, select your destinations and hit submit.

In the setup process, when you add your blog, you also select a default category. You can’t, unfortunately, change that on the fly. I also found a bug where it was creating a “null” category and tagging it with that as well. I also usually go in to my wp blog and update info for seo, but my goal with this app was primarily speed and ease of use.

Despite the bug, PolarFox is the fastest way I’ve found to send an image post to FB and this site in one shot. It’s not limited to those systems however. You can connect Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn,, a FB group, page or profile or any webhook connected app.

You can try PolarFox for free and it’s available for iOS and Android. And no, I received no form of compensation for this post. I just like the app.

I Try Desk PM for Mac

A fellow blogging friend of mine suggested that I should try an app called Desk PM as a desktop interface for my self hosted WordPress blogs. It’s on sale for $20 so I figured why not? If it lived up to the hype it would get me writing more.

Desk PM

It is a very focused app. It presents a minimalist interface for getting your thoughts down with a number of options to customize your typing experience, like going full screen, adjusting the transparency and typewriter mode.

For markdown enthusiasts (I still can’t break my html habit) it has full markdown support as well. Perhaps the best formatting feature, however, is auto table generation.

iCloud integration makes it easy to keep any local files in sync across multiple devices.

Image embedded via Desk PM drag and drop.

As for using at as an actual blogging interface, Desk is a mixed bag. It’s easy enough to connect to one or more blogs, and it supports a good list of services, ranging from and self-hosted WordPress, as well as Blogger, Medium and Facebook (although not FB Pages as far as I can tell.) You can also pull down past posts and drafts to edit them locally. Adding an image is pretty easy, just drag and drop into your document. Alternately, you can import directly from a scanner or camera, and, particularly nice if you are doing online tutorials, you can do screen grabs and embed them directly in your post. There are also good image formatting controls for setting alignment, but oddly no way to set the size of the image.

A couple of other nice features are thinks like running word counts, a timer that tries to guess the amount of time it would take to read your post, and a WYSIWYG view of your content. The coolest blogging feature is being able to schedule your posts.

But what’s missing is support for things like categories or tags. After posting with Desk PM, I find I have to go into the web admin at some point to set the correct category and tags for SEO purposes, if nothing else.

I find I do like the mini-window Desk PM experience for typing a quick post, or maybe a first draft, but given the need to log into the web admin at some point, Desk PM seems to have very limited value. At least for me.

Lee Majors is The Fall Guy

The Fall Guy
There was a lot of bad tv in the 80s, but there was some good stuff too, and The Fall Guy may well be one of the best, if for no other reason than the theme song is the best tv show theme song in history. If you don’t believe me, go listen to it right now!

The premise, a movie stunt man who sidelines as a bounty hunter, gave the writers a huge toy box to play with, incorporating stunt footage from dozens of other shows and films, guest stars who play themselves, and a hero, Colt Seavers, who gets to apply all kinds of Hollywood magic to catching the bad guy. Season 1 just showed up on Hulu and I’ve already started my binge watching.

If you do decide to jump in, I’d recommend starting midway through the first season after the cast started to get their legs. Heather Thomas and Douglas Barr round out the cast, and really come into their own as the show progresses. I have to admit, part of the fun of watching is seeing all the guest stars who are so young (compared to now.)

Shifty Look Dig Dug

PookaRenderI was cleaning off my hard drive and ran across a project a did a few years ago, a web comic based on Namco’s Dig Dug video game for their IP farm, Shifty Look.

It’s not around any more, but Shifty Look was a web comic platform devoted to developing a host of classic Namco IP into new products.

Quite a few different games got the web comic treatment (I like to think that the work I did back at GameTap may have given them the idea for this) but Dig Dug was the one that got the royal treatment.

Nearly 30 creators were enlisted to develop Dig Dug strips, including the great Marv Wolfman. I was paired up with Max Acree on art for my Dig Dug comic.