Elvis Sightings Synopsis

Elvis Sightings Cover

Elvis Sightings

I’m Floyd—no last name needed, thanks—and I’m a P.I. The only other thing you need to know about me is that I’m not an Elvis impersonator. I live my life fast and hard and yes, in sequined jumpsuits, but more importantly I live my life the way Elvis would have wanted me to. Honestly. With integrity.

It was a tip that the King was still alive and living under an assumed name that brought me to Kresge, Wyoming. But there’s something bigger than Elvis happening out here. I’ve been beaten bloody by an acrobatic bartender, roped into the search for a missing councilman, fallen for a bearded lady, and threatened by men in black who really don’t want me poking my nose into the town’s business. Half of my leads look like dead celebrities. The other half are either refugees from a broken-down circus or spear-holding Viking wannabes.

I’m in Crazytown, USA, but I can’t leave. Not yet. If I don’t find the missing councilman soon, Kresge will be turned into a Danish-themed amusement park. I’ve never been so close to finding Elvis. And I need to know if my new self-appointed sidekick James Morrison is really who he claims to be…

SDCC 14 Statues

There are always some very cool statues to be had at Comic-Con and this year was no exception.
I love the Munsters, not as much as Addams Family, but still awesome. These two new statues were being offered for sale at a cool $250 each.

The Elvira one, equally pricy, was my favorite and sent me back to her bawdy show, which I admit is the only reason I “watched” the movies.

Vehicles of Comic-Con

I love old cars. A ’73 Vette looks like sculpted art to me. So when vehicles make an appearance at SDCC, whether it’s the Batmobile or the Mystery Machine, I check them out.
This year saw two very cool cars, the Vadarmobile, that’s a super modded Corvette, and the Corvette from Agents of Shield. There was also a Lego Batcycle with sidecar. Not really a vehicle, I know, but still pretty cool.