David Cronenberg’s Shivers

David Cronenberg's ShiversBeen digging deep into the Cronenberg back catalog and rediscovered Shivers, a film that could pretty much only be made by Cronenberg and only in the sexed up 70s.

A crazy doc develops a sexually transmitted parasite with the hopes that it will kickstart a free love ongoing orgy. The only problem is that it turns people into sex crazed maniacs hell bent on spreading their parasitic passengers with willing, or unwilling, partners. Of course it’s not long before the things start to spread through a remote and exclusive luxury apartment building and plump old ladies start jumping delivery men moaning “I’m hungry! I’m hungry for love!!”

Shivers is akin to many other 70s films exploring identity and the individual and generalized fears of the loss of self. If you’ve seen films like the Kaufman’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers or Romero’s zombie films orĀ The Crazies, you’ll instantly recognize the existential angst pervasive in 70s sci-fi.

It’s a poster child for sick and twisted, but if you’re a Cronenberg fan and haven’t seen it, it’s a fascinating look at themes and visuals he would continue exploring in future films. But I will warn you up front, it is a really messed up, disturbing film.

Typing Heaven with Qwerkywriter for my MacBook?

I don’t have one of these typewriters, but I WANT ONE!!!

Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Keyboard

Qwerkywriter Bluetooth Keyboard

I’m a huge fan of mechanical keyboards. I love the extended throw of the keys, the solid tactile feedback of the click…yet I’m writing this on Apple’s diametrically opposed zero-throw keyboard on the newish MacBook. The MacBook is, arguably, the perfect writing machine. No fan, super light, amazing battery life, but the keyboard, with it’s almost non-existent throw, completely turned me off for the longest time.

2015_MacBook_keyboard_thumbBut I read article after article about how Apple didn’t capriciously create a shallow keyboard just to make the MacBook thinner – they did actual research and make a case that their MacBook keyboard will actually improve your typing speed. Out of curiosity, I went into an Apple store and did a few typing speed tests on a MacBook Air (my previous writing platform) and the new MacBook. To my surprise, I averaged about 5 words per minute better on the MacBook. I bought it almost immediately.

But I still miss my long throw mechanical keyboard…$349 is a LOT of money for a keyboard, but I’m nonetheless dreaming about the Qwerkywriter and it’s delightful steampunk aesthetic. Maybe for my birthday…

Agent Carter

Just finished watching Agent Carter season 2. Hands down my favorite comic inspired show. Great female lead. Great pacing. A fun plot. But part of what I love about it is that Haley Atwell has a pretty normal woman’s body, rather than the increasingly impossible dimensions most tv and movie actresses are forced to conform to. She’s also a delightful actress, but it’s refreshing to see a female body type that isn’t an emaciated twig in a lead role.

Arn: the Knight Templar leaving Netflix

If you see it in the recommended for you list on Netflix, chances are you will just keep scrolling past Arn: The Knight Templar. The imagery and description make it sound like another cheesy hack and slash flick. But, despite poor ratings on RT and other aggregators, it’s a surprisingly good movie. It tells the tale of a man sent to join the Knights Templar as a punishment for a forbidden love. The characters are compelling, the settings impressive, and the story frequently surprising. It is a tragedy, in the classical sense, and a very good period film. It gets pulled from Netflix on March 9. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it highly.

Ahsoka and Revenge of the Sith

Been re-watching the prequel movies. I actually quite like Revenge of the Sith. Definitely the best of the three movies. Although now I have to wonder what Anakin might have done with Ahsoka…she get the Youngling treatment? I really enjoyed Clone Wars, but watching Anakin is so creepy.