San Diego ComicCon Vadermobile

Darth Vader HotwheelsI love cars. Especially Corvettes. And as a guy who came of age during the original trilogy, I think Darth Vader is bad ass.

So this new Vadermobile being shown at San Diego ComicCon caught my eye. It’s built on a C5 era Corvette (the new ones are C7, Miami Vice ones were C4s, and the classic Stingray was a C3, for reference) with lightsaber red accents. Hot Wheels claims the machine will go 80, so no sending it back in time. If you happen to be at SDCC, you can pick up a special collectors edition lightsaber handle with a Matchbox sized car inside.Vadermobile

I’d rather have the real thing, though, so maybe I’ll just have to find a way to turn my ’75 C3 into a Vader machine.


50 Years of Doctor Who

I’ve watched 50 years of the Doctor! Two years ago I started a quest to watch every Doctor Who episode available digitally, on DVD or VHS. In order. Including the Peter Cushing movies. I tried to finish before The Day of the Doctor, but didn’t quite make it. I am relieved to say I’ve just accomplished this rather dubious goal.

Single best episode? The Five Doctors. Brilliantly good.

Best villain? I have to choose two. The original Master and the Angels.

Best companion? I thought I would say Rose, but the first Romana has remained my fave.

Best regeneration? From 3rd to 4th, hands down.

Best Tardis? 10th Doctor’s.

Worst character? K9 (but then, I don’t like dogs…)

Videogame Museum at E3

Yeah, I know E3 is all about the cool new thing I might get to play in December of the game ships on time, but the Videogame Museum stuff is always hands down my favorite thing. The E3 display had a bunch of stuff I’d not seen before, including some very cool T-Shirts. I have always loved the way the box art had to sell a vision for the game that the graphics couldn’t back up. So for your classic gaming nostalgia, a few choice photos.